01 Feb 2017

Having kids puts a lot of importance on photos. I want to ensure they last a long time. Knowing how to organize photos and back them up is an important piece of knowledge for anyone. Here is my take…

01 Jan 2017

There hasn’t been a lot of activity here. But rest assured things are still happening. So for anyone curious, here are a few things I’ve been pottering with lately.

06 Oct 2015

Sorting through lots python imports is mildly annoying. Very mild. So with that in mind, here is a possible solution:

03 Oct 2015

Dying ember. A Dark Souls inspired indie game. A cool little project I’m assisting with. Rigging and animating the awesome modelers creations.

13 Aug 2015

Working collaboratively can be tricky. Especially with the possibility of stepping on each others toes. So here we have a method of locking maya files as they’re being used.

15 Jun 2015

As computers have become faster and digital storage has become greater we have increasingly turned to version control programs to manage our work files. A GREAT idea, and amazing in practice (I wish I could version things outside the computer too! Like kids!). However they can be tricky for some, and unintuitive for others.

15 Apr 2015

I’ve been making a few Maya scripts here and there. Cobbling together code from various google searches and figuring things out on my own. There were a number of aspects to Docking windows I never found online and had to figure out myself. So I’ve made a template to get started.

21 Mar 2015

I’ve had some time, and what better way to spend it than filling some small annoying holes in Maya workflow (actually I’m sure there are many better things to do, yet here we are).

09 Jan 2015

A seemingly obscure but really awesome technique to light your shots is found in the render setting “Final Gather” allowing you to light your scene as though you were using studio lighting. Using little more than a dome of light, a shot can be lit with amazingly soft clean shadows.

07 Jan 2015

Happy new year everyone!

27 Dec 2014

Constraints can be confusing, and damn are they annoying and unintuitive! So here is an effort to clean things up and hopefully make constraining a little more logical and easy.

26 Dec 2014

There is still time left in the year for new stuff!

20 Dec 2014

Just a simple pointing to the youtube channel. I’ve added a direct link above. The channel hosts some helpful videos. Hopefully they help you!

01 Aug 2014

I’ve added a new section to the site. A challenges section. Which is planned to become full of… you guessed it. Challenges!

02 Jul 2014

Hello again!

03 Jun 2014

Brand new Users section!

17 Apr 2014

The maya script, Shot Pieces.

05 Apr 2014

Animation Sanity check is a script for maya that does what it implies on the tin. Checks your animation, to save your sanity!

01 Apr 2014

The attribute snapping script for Maya!

26 Mar 2014

With the lower workload this week I’ve taken the time to update my scripts (downloadable in previous news items) and put them into Google Code.

14 Mar 2014

Often when animating it’s a good idea to tap out the ‘beats’ of a shot. Some even go so far as to record the tapping, bring it into Maya and move keys to correspond with the peaks on the soundbite.

02 Mar 2014

I’ve seen scripts like this around before, but never been able to aquire one. They seem so useful too, so I’ve had to reproduce my own rendition of the script.

18 Feb 2014

Phew… made my second script for Maya. This one was a bit complicated. So lets get into it…

07 Feb 2014

Spent the evening learning how to make scrips for Maya. SO CONFUSING!

14 Jan 2014

You know those times your partner is sleeping, and talking. Sometimes they reply?

05 Jan 2014

Finished my proof of concept (in a proof of concept state). The concept is that we learn to judge our sense of time in seconds and minutes. After all, that is precisely what we’re using in our day to day lives.

01 Jan 2014

Merry merry quite contrary, how did your Christmas go? With Presents here, and Christmas Cheer, and Sun instead of Snow!