There hasn’t been a lot of activity here. But rest assured things are still happening. So for anyone curious, here are a few things I’ve been pottering with lately.

Progress on Dying Ember - game continues slowly.

Animation Elevation has unfortunately become too costly. For now it has been put on hiatus. Hopefully to return in some form in the future!

I’ve had the opportunity to assist in the animation of Minecon 2016 opening and closing ceremony with a great bunch of guys. Element animation. Check out their fun minecraft works if you are a fan of the game! It’s good fun.

Work continues on The Ottoman Project. This is a great little project with some of the most awesome people. A great mix of skillsets also. Keep an eye on it!

But most of my time has been dedicated to two little troublemakers (pictured above!). Truly time consuming. Truly worth it!

So, welcome 2017! Who knows what you’ll have in store!