Please, have a squiz at the games below

Go (Baduk)

The game of Go. Represented as an in-browser game board.

Dying Ember

Top down Isometric RPG. Inspired by Dark Souls.

Crashland Heroes

The game is a runner combined with a shooter. Many awesome challenges await!

Rock Paper Snap

A clever twist on the traditional games of Snap and Rock Paper Scissors. Quick hands are the name of the game! Instead of matching two of the same card, you must “SNAP” when the newly placed card beats the one below in a rock-paper-scissors matchup. Another prototype I’m working on, as both a digital game and also physical cards.

Spaceship Sports

Well into the future, mankinds waste has reached truly earth shattering levels. Turns out capitalism is no good for the environment eh? But wait! If there were a financial insentive to clean up the cruft, we might yet survive. Enter Spaceship Sports. An experiemental prototype I’ve been making that is a cross between a soccer penalty shoot out and asteroids. Check it out! :)

Rage Quit

A game I began doing art for. Unfortunately it kinda stopped… Ah well, the art remains! :)