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Recent Happenings

06 Oct 2015

Sorting through lots python imports is mildly annoying. Very mild. So with that in mind, here is a possible solution:

03 Oct 2015

Dying ember. A Dark Souls inspired indie game. A cool little project I’m assisting with. Rigging and animating the awesome modelers creations.

13 Aug 2015

Working collaboratively can be tricky. Especially with the possibility of stepping on each others toes. So here we have a method of locking maya files as they’re being used.

15 Jun 2015

As computers have become faster and digital storage has become greater we have increasingly turned to version control programs to manage our work files. A GREAT idea, and amazing in practice (I wish I could version things outside the computer too! Like kids!). However they can be tricky for some, and unintuitive for others.

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