Finished my proof of concept (in a proof of concept state). The concept is that we learn to judge our sense of time in seconds and minutes. After all, that is precisely what we’re using in our day to day lives.

Yet in animation we have to learn to work in frames.

I see no difference between the two other than using a different metric, and a mark of experience is when an animator is capable of thinking in frames as freely as they do in seconds.

How can we fast track this experience? >:)

Frame Drills

One way is to repeditively be quizzed on our timing comprehension. Then one can either work out personal methods to use for accurately figuring out timing (like counting a second, and judging how much more or less than a second the answer is), or hopefully with enough repition one can learn it intuitively. This is what Frame Drills attempts to do.

To use Frame Drills Click here. Click on the textbox to start. You can pause it by clicking out of the text box.

Make sure your speakers are on, as there is a metronome sound. Listen to the tick tock and watch the bar if you like. Try to guess how much of an interval exists between the ticks, and type it in. Hit ENTER and be given your result. Results like this (beat that!):

Frame Drills result example

There is a point counter just above the bar, that merely gives points based on how close your answer is. It’s a tad unfinished at the moment so if you want more points, just try more attempts… :P

Have a go, and let me know what you think.

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