I’ve added a new section to the site. A challenges section. Which is planned to become full of… you guessed it. Challenges!

Kicking it off is The Great Daily Pose Challenge.

To become a master artist, you must throw away 10,000 bad drawings. So too in CG animation. Planned on spending a 3 hours animating today? Spend 2 hours 50 minutes on animation work and knock off another one of your 10,000 bad poses.


Each day, create and upload a rendered pose. You don’t have to include the source of the pose, but you can if you like. Weekend poses optional.

The rendering can be a simple screen shot of Maya. A three point lighting setup, or a fully lit and composited image. It doesn’t matter. However keep in mind these are essentially “throw away” poses. So don’t spend more time here than on your animations!

You’ll find it under the wrecking ball button!

challenges link

Check it out. Join in or show support for those tackling it. See you there! :)