Spent the evening learning how to make scrips for Maya. SO CONFUSING!

But not spent in vain.

Here I’ve made the script/plugin Gooey Lever. A GUI lever that can be attached to channels in the channel box for visual control.

Click here to download the script!

To run, place in your scripts directory. Here is a nice tutorial for installing scripts into Maya

Then create a shelf icon with this code (in the python section)

import Gooey_Lever as GL

Click it to bring up the window and follow the instructions.

Couple things to note that aren’t in that video:

  • You can select more than one channel in the channelbox. The lever will control as many as you like with a caveat, that you can only control channels in the upper section of the channel box.

  • You can also select more than one object and control all their channels together, provided they share the same channel across all objects.

  • With the circle at the base of the lever, you can not only move it around. But also scale it if you want it to be a different size.

Just added another video with a bit of a ramble attached. Rambltastic.