Technical Character Animator, Auckland, New Zealand

Jason Dixon


I am a Character Animator from the 99% pure country New Zealand! Problem solving and adding life and believability to what would otherwise be a flat image, are my passions. If you have a project that needs love and TLC, get in touch. I can help it reach the next level.


Skills Proficiency
Character Animation (Keyframe) Intermediate / Advanced
Photo / Image manipulation Intermediate
Modeling Intermediate
Rigging Intermediate
Texturing Beginner / Intermediate
Development (Python / Go / PHP / HTML / CSS / Javascript) Intermediate
OS's Windows / OSX / LINUX (Debian) Intermediate

Work History

This is where I've been. Drop me a line. Influence where I go.

Weta Digital
Tech Animator. Assisting Motion leads and supes. TODAY
July 2017

The Ottoman
3D Character Animator. Animating to a high quality in Cinema4D. July 2017
October 2015

The Dying Ember Project
Technical Animator. Performing Rigging and Animation. Maintaining rigs with feedback from our other animators.
Developing our pipeline and custom (python / maya) tools to accomplish our goals.
Project in limbo
December 2014

Warner Bros International
Overnight media management and multitasking between many computers for the Production and TV Playout crew.
Monitoring and rectifying any playout outages while on shift for some of the most highly watched sky channels.
July 2017
Febuary 2011

Two Thirds Productions
Compromised mostly of people I'd worked with while contracted to Whitegloves. Our small team created a couple of short films. Modeling, rigging and animating. Decently long hours and plenty of overnighters. Ah yes, those things! January 2011
September 2010

Jumped into a small family resturaunt and bar, co-serving with a good friend. A southafrican bar ment a diverse cultural customer mix, and presented certain communication challenges to overcome. Retail certainly helped with that. :) Due to the small size of the shop, the job involved wearing many hats behind the bar and out at tables. September 2010
March 2010

Dick Smiths
Everyone needs a taste of retail! Sales role in an electronics store. I would like to say that I was the top salesman (that hat goes to a chinese guy that said "yes" to everyone, leading to many returns!), however most of my time ended up being spent fixing technical issues for customers and staff alike. The position also involved sorting out couriers and processing orders, dealing with finance companies, organizing service callouts and facilitating equipment rentals. January 2010
September 2007

White Gloves Productions
Joined onto a small team after graduating Freelance, creating a pilot episode for a CG kids show. I assisted in modeling, rigging and animating the characters. Deeply involved in troubleshooting issues. August 2007
January 2006


Everywhere is a learning experience. But these are some of the places I’ve paid for the privelege. ;)

Animation Mentor
Gave me my first taste of Autodesk Maya. A great course lazer focused on Animation, taught by many professionals currently working in the largest studios in the world. On the side I learned Python and scripted up a number of tools that students have used since. I have also contributed to the community with The Great Pose a day Challenge. June 2015
September 2013

Freelance Animation School
A three year Diploma in 3D character animation. Turns out it included more of a generalist approach. Learning Modeling, Rigging, and Lighting above and beyond Animation. Also included a first year of 2D Animaition, and conitinued to provide Life Drawing throughout. I recieved the Diploma and the top overall prize for the graduating year at the ceremony. December 2005
January 2002