License Fix

Autodesk has a great studently focused system. You can download their software and learn it to your hearts content. They also add a perfectly reasonable popup alerting the user that this is a student copy of Maya.

What is less reasonable however is that those popups continue through referenced files. A perfect fix would be a single popup with all the files in question named explicitly. As this is not the case, here is a tool to assist in lessening the annoyance.

To install the tool download from the link below. Drag and drop the file into the Maya viewport.


Once installed the tool runs in the background by itself. Each time you save your .ma file the license will be altered to an educational one. Keeping it a student file, but removing the popup associated with that when referenced into another shot.

Suffice to say, if you want to have the tool work retroactively. You’ll need to load up and save any files you already created.

Thats it really. Simple. :)