Week Eight!

Only a few weeks left to go!

A look at Character Empathy

Animation Checklist

I don’t always take all of these steps on every shot, but this will work as a nice master list to pull from depending on what is expected.

A nice check list to keep everything on track.

A movitivational look ahead

I admit that my goal through my journey of studying animation, was alway to become a feature animator. I never thought of what would happen when I would get there. It was always the journey that was my addiction, it was the thing that kept me awake hours every night and was my driving force for many years – the need to be better, the need to be recognised, and, land a feature animator job.

One day…

Where does blocking end?

This is a question I think we as animators always ask ourselves subconsciously. Funny enough one of my current iAnimate students asked this very question in passing when we were going over her shot. It struck me as one of the truest question any animator can ask him/herself, and, yet, I have never vocalized the question.

A nice little tidbit of a question.