Week Five!

Lip Sync Tutorial

A nice little tutorial on lip sync.

Acting and breathing in animation

Breathing is not something we are often conscious of, therefore animating a character breathing during dialogue is easily overlooked. Spending the time studying and adding this to your shot can really create a great sense of believability to your work. In fact, as we’ll discover, breathing is something that can be used to drive a performance.

A great writeup on breathing in animation.

Constrast can be enough to tell a story

Some artists are masters at painting a beautiful picture and some are masters at telling a story through their pictures. What makes the difference between the two?

Sometimes it’s as simple as creating a contrast within an image. When you show you audience two things, they compare those two things and create ideas about the differences between them. As simple as that sounds, this can be more than enough to create a story within the mind of the viewer.

Awesome look into contrast.