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Cinematographers explain how they envelop you in the story

The cinematographer may be in charge of how to technically achieve the shots on a film set — lighting, camera movement, and framing — but what he and the director are really collaborating on his how to tell their story creatively and emotionally.

A cool write up. Explaining the tasks of the cinematographer.

Photography Cheat Sheets

Many of you have browsed and shared our growing number of photography cheat sheets, and some of you have even gotten in touch to let us know how much you enjoy them.

However, as items drop off the main page on a blog, they can be difficult to find later. To help save you time searching and gain time shooting, we’ve collated 26 of our most popular photography cheat sheets in

While these are photography cheat sheets, and a lot of them do have photography specifics. There is also a lot of nice information in here that applies to us.

Body Language Cheat Sheet

Studies Show That 70% Of Communication Is Body Language, Here’s A Cheat Sheet To Get You Up To Speed

Another useful cheat sheet. This time on body language. Useful!

Filmaking Techniques

This section explores some of the elements at play in the construction of a shot. As the critics at Cahiers du cinéma maintained, the “how” is as important as the “what” in the cinema.

More usefulness

Elements of Cinematrography

A nice overview.