Week Ten!

Not long now

A great example of weight in animation. Good study material!

The magic is not in your hands

While I expected to learn things like directing attention or providing information in a such a way that it will not be questioned by the audience, the scope of the biggest lesson caught me a little off guard: It’s not the magician who makes the magic, it’s the audience.

A great little write up, and reminder that the audience is involved a lot more in your shot than you may know!

10 Tips for razor sharp concentration

Writing to-do lists and keeping a schedule may keep you organized, but does it really help you get more done? I believe that organization is important, but what you really need is focus. Being able to sit down and concentrate intensely on your work for a few hours. Even a half hour of focused effort can get more done than an entire day of distraction and multitasking.

A great little list of things to help with concentration. Polishing your animation? You’re going to need to concentrate!