Week Nine!

A stitch in time…

Eye Movements

The subject of eye movements is doubly important in animation because the physiology and psychology that applies to our character’s eye movements applies equally to what our actual audience is doing when they watch our animation.

A nice write up and break down of eye movement.

Eye blinks

If you want to appear strong, never blink. Marlene Dietrich told me that. If you want to appear weak and funny, blink all the time. Hugh Grant never stops blinking.

And another nice write up on blinking.

Deja View

A really nice look back at the golden age of animation. A reminder too of why it was considered that. Wow! :o

People getting tased in slow motion

The goal of almost any portrait is to ensure that the subject being photographed looks their absolute best. That is NOT the case with the newest video and portraits series by Patrick Hall.

Hall instead chose to shock his (willing) subjects with 300,000 volts of electricity and capture the literally and hilariously shocking results in stills and slow motion video.

A great demonstration of raw emotion. Pay attention to the subtleties in face shapes between the subjects. There are a lot of little quirks that are present in real people everywhere. Does your character have any of those?