Week Four!

Nobody does animation better than the Polish.

How does Cognition influence emotion

How do our thoughts influence our emotions? Most of thought is unconscious - beliefs, goals, drives, appraisals, attitudes, and even changes in emotional processes (such as fluctuations in feeling) all can be conscious or unconscious to different degrees. But are these processes subjective or objective? Do some people respond to situations or behave more ‘logically’ than other people? Are there a few ‘core’ emotions that are the main contributors to our thoughts and the way we feel? Pleasure and pain might be behind our emotional drives, while more complex feelings would be the result of the other basic emotions. Psychology is a subjective subject, however it is possible to measure the emotional reactions that people have from their brains’ mental processes (thoughts, behaviors, attitudes beliefs, etc).

A rather long read. Have a skim through.

Polishing with bend bows

Showreel tips

Winning a job in the tough arena of animation is a challenge, even for the most talented artists. We’ve made it a little easier for you by explaining the best ways to present your skills, and make sure your application won’t be overlooked – starting with the creation of a killer showreel.

Some nice simple tips on showreels. The shots we’re doing now are VERY likely to be the ones on our reel. Lets make sure they’re up to the task!

Why polish is important

want to share a little bit why polish in animation is very crucial if you want to break into the feature level quality of Hollywood movies.


A reminder of why we need to make sure our polish is working correctly!