Week Three!

Three down…

Clear Silhouette

I was thinking at the beginning, “why the heck should I need to care about a silhouette ?” … “I’m doing animations which will be rendered beautifully,… but still why my mentor keep pushing me to maintain a good silhouette ?”

Lest we forget.

Cameras and Lighting

MAYA Tutorial - Cameras and Lighting

A basic run down of lights and their attributes. Perhaps a little early to think about lighting but lets have a lighting week anyway!

Ambient Occlusion lighting trick

A cool trick to simulate lighting without having to light. Not an amazing output but better than default rendering and easy to do!

There is also another way of doing this more universally if you’re happy with white.

Volumetric Lights

Another cool trick for fog, or mood lighting. Again a simple trick, and not to the quality of a simulation. But good enough for an animation scene!