Week Six

I like bread.

17 ways to keep it simple

Simplicity requires intention. You must own what you do.


Blocking your animation

In this chapter, youll look at the first stages of creating animation in the computer. With proper planning, I can now begin setting actual key frames on my character. This initial process begins with very fast manipulation of characters and ends with a series of poses that accurately reveal the intent of the scene and combine the fundamentals, tools, animation processes and acting.

Simple writeup detailing the blocking process.

Producing animation: Building the Budget

Marie Beardmore details ways for U.K. animators, seeking to make their own works, can obtain funding in order to eat and animate!

Not entirely relevant to AM. But interesting info none the less.

Transitioning from Student to Professional

A nice little reality check. Remember to push it now, to make it easier later! :)