Week Three!

Week three. Here we are!

20 essential resources for Maya

Need some help with a Maya-based project? Here, we present a selection of top Maya resources, which are guaranteed to create a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Some useful resources. Not all are free, but there are a bunch of really useful scripts and assorted bits and bobs in there that are!

Moving from stepped to splines

Right, i’ve always just winged it a this stage, but it’s dawned on me today I really need to put some real thought into how I approach this step. So i’m spending the afternoon reading as many tutorials as possible. But i’d also like your insight.

How do you approach this stage, do put all the work into the blocking so that the splines need minimal work? do you have a fool-proof method on how to approach this stage? any incredible tutorials on the subject. That sorta jazz.

A nice little discussion over the transition from blocking to spline.

Animation Demo: Blocking to Spline

Only the first 30 mins, but useful never the less.

Setting up poses in the Trax Editor

An interesting method of blocking out an animtaion in maya using the Trax editor.