Week Two!

This is familiar!

Where does blocking end?

This is a question I think we as animators always ask ourselves subconsciously. Funny enough one of my current iAnimate students asked this very question in passing when we were going over her shot. It struck me as one of the truest question any animator can ask him/herself, and, yet, I have never vocalized the question.

A nice little blog article, on a very common question!

24 Hour animation marathon

Starting with just a sound file and some reference video, I set about creating a 16 second shot from my short film “The Little Painter”. I was promoting the kickstarter page you see on the right, and funding went PHENOMENALLY! I am so happy to have all of the support of the animation community.

Here you can watch and download the entire 24 hour marathon for FREE.

Videos are unlocked at milestones in the funding of my Kickstarter Project.

A LOT of footage. Likely too much for one week, but something that appears to be very cool watching. Especially watching parts that are relevant to the current stage you’re at with your shot.

Animation Workflow

I’m not sure really how to make this a short post, but I will try my best. I feel its important with workflow posts to try and be detailed and not wash over stuff…. animation is hard!

A nice, if long, post on workflow. With examples and DETAILS! Very cool.

Click timing

Animate poses. Play your reference video, and click the button in time with the video for quickly timing out your shot! A useful tool from this very site! Woo!

How to inspire and build a WAR CHEST of ideas.

Nice info for ceative thinking.

Four lessons in creativity.

Don’t be afraid to let go of animation that isn’t working. You haven’t been set back if you’re still learning!