Week Eleven!

Oh wow… Another term bites the dust.

Acting in animation

“An animator is an actor with a pencil”, goes the oldest and truest animation cliché. Not “a draftsman that acts”, but first and foremost - an actor. If you’re trying to tell a story through a character, inevitably you’re an actor. The only question is whether you are a good actor or a bad one.

A small reminder that while it takes a certain skill making things move. It isn’t enough to make a character. They have to have a personality and mood as well.

Personality in Animation

Yes, Personality animation has to do things with a CHARACTER. A Character could be anything. It can be a chair, lamp, tree, animal or a human. A character’s personality is all about who the character is; how he thinks, how he acts, and probably most importantly: how he reacts to the things that are happening around him, to him, and to the other characters around him.”

Don’t forget to portray a personality!

Dealing with floatiness

Pacing in animation

Tracking Arcs

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