Week Nine!


Rotation Orders for Animators

An awesome video displaying the effect of rotation orders. An addition note to this video. You can see what Maya is doing with your rotation axis by changing the rotation tool to “gimbal”.

Here is a link to the script depicted

Anatomy in Animation

A nice reminder that we’re not animating controls. We’re animating a body, and each part must move in conjunction with each other part. Also it has nice music. So chill out and relax! :)

Film Composition

Composition refers to how the elements of an image are arranged. There are a number of rules for how to compose an image to create a pleasing effect.

MORE composition stuff. It’s complicated in its simplicity, and makes a big difference.

Constraints - Tumbles and Swings

Some techniques for animating tumbles and rolls with constraints.

5 Mistakes in running form

Or… 5 things to look out for in your running poses.

Rigging a Dynamic camera using Maya Hair

Hand keying steady cam effects can be a drag, and we used to have to set up complex soft-body rigs to simulate it. Here is a way to set up a dynamic camera utilizing Maya’s dynamic curves that’s fast, easy, and fun.

An interesting method of creating a steadycam effect dynamically using Maya hair simulation…

Not for the bald at heart.