Week Eight!


Animating Constrained Objects

If you’re picking up an object. One easy way to use constraints and still allow animation is to constrain with another ‘dummy’ object.

Zv Parent Master

To go with this. A cool little parenting script can be found here:


Animating Forces vs Forms

The idea of Animating Forces vs Animating forms is something that flipped a switch in my head when I first encountered it, I can’t remember exactly who or where I heard it from, but once I understood it, it completely changed the way I animate. Years of established techniques thrown away just like that.

A short article, speaking about thinking of forms as well as poses in your planning and blocking process.

Texturing Tribe Rigs

This is hopefully a simple way of changing textures without digging too deeply into it. A fairly basic-intermediate understanding of Photoshop is needed.

A nice little tutorial if you’re looking to change the way your character looks for their shot.

Tim Rudder, Blocking Tips

2 things I do in my workflow to help get those key poses right.

A couple useful tips to do with blocking silhouette and video reference.

Animating Camera Shake

Hi, this is Jatin Soni from digitalglow.net . In this tutorial you will learn how to animate camera shaking effect without keyframing the camera

A crazy method of using the hypershade to animate noise onto your cameras animation curves. Pretty cool if you want some shake.

Some more Posing tips

Because you can never get enough.