Week Seven

Well crap. Now it’s time for something more open ended! The choices are endless!

The Cinematography of the incredibles

Cinematography is the art of composing the scenes of the film so they can visually tell the story in a functional and creative way. The purpose of composition is to direct the viewer’s eye to the central point or “story” in your scene. Regardless of the particular subject, composition of the frame is important.

A great look into how established movies use cinematography to their benefit. It’s simple. It’s abstract. It’s essential.

Film Composition

Have you ever wondered why some pictures are more appealing than others . Have you ever wondered why some photographers consistently win the praises of critics? One of the main reasons why some pictures are more outstanding than others is because of their strong composition. That’s what this article is all about. We’re going to consider how composition can improve your images.

Some more information on composition. Arrows. Arrows everywhere!

One pose never comes alone.

This article is about how you connect poses in time, use impulses to get from one position to another and make sure the whole sequence is readable and interesting to look at

One pose never comes alone alright. Thinking about what is happening in the moment helps to make a performance feel less like a bad actor reading lines and more like a living breathing character. Especially when there are precious few seconds to get that across.

Drawing human proportions

Proportions are important in thumbnailing. If you want to be able to show that an arm is a little bit of a different angle, or pointing somewhere else etc across thumbnails. You’re going to need that arm size to be reasonably consistent.

How top Creative Directors come up with great ideas

Five top creative directors discussed their personal approaches to idea generation Tuesday at an Advertising Week panel moderated by Fast Company’s Teressa Iezzi—debating the role of everything from brainstorming sessions to pool tables to complete and total panic on the long road to a big idea.

A cool little article about the different approaches people take to creating ideas.