Week Six

(or half a dozen if you prefer)

Useful hotkeys for timing

I created two hotkeys that enable me to alter the duration between keyframes in the timeSlider. So say I had an action that hit a pose on frame 17, I can use these hotkeys to change my timing one frame at a time, so I can see how it feels when it hits on frame 15, 20, 23 or whatever really quickly and easily ( without having to select keys, slide things around in the dope sheet, or move keys around in the graph editor ).

Really useful for quickly messing with timing to see how things work.

Useful Hotkeys in Maya

I was wondering today what hotkeys might be useful in Maya that I’m not aware of… After all, as you become more proficient with any given tool, you will be able to deliver faster results. And Maya is a tool for animators.

So, a Google search got me to this amazing hotkeys that are not common knowledge (at least not to the animators that I know). Here are some really good ones:

Some nice useful hotkeys to get to know.

Animating a Horse

Richard Williams breaks down his methods of animating a horse.

Basic Quadruped Walk Cycle

Chris Sokalofsky has a great video on quad walk cycles. He also narrates many useful pieces of information throughout the video!

Normal And Abnormal Gait

The current problem of gait analysis in humans and dogs is the inability of the study of gait to relate significantly to clinical situations. Hundreds of papers are included in the literature describing gait in humans, but up to this point there has been little success in organizing the reams of data into a useful diagnostic or therapeutic regime.

Lots of information on animal walks. A lot of reading. ;P

Creating Size and Scale

A few important points to making something move in the size it is supposed to be.