Week Four!

Two heads are better than one. But four legs?

Drawing Dogs!

Because dogs need a drawin’.

And some more:

Animating Quadrupeds

A nice little video detailing the animation of four legged friends. Or nemeses, depending on which side of the Dog / Cat fence you sit.

Cathy Miller on Quad Cycles

Animating animals is usually fun, but can often be complicated and technical. Figuring out what to do with all those legs can really trip up an animator. We can animate human-shaped characters a lot easier than multi-legged beasts because we have an intuitive knowledge of the way bipeds move. It is easy for an animator to act out a motion when the character moves like us; feeling the action ‘in the body’ helps us understand how to animate it. So what happens when the character is a quadruped and you don’t have that intuitive feel at your disposal? How do you make that movement believable? Suitable reference and a sophisticated media player is the place to start.

A really nice and consice guide to animating four legged, or more legged, creatures.

Just saving this here, as it could be useful at somepoint in the future

But for animation. It’s a bit left field.