Week Three!

Week three. Walk on in!

Brendon Body’s Walk Tutorial

One of the last things I did this term at Duncan of Jordanstone was give a Maya animation workshop, where I showed how to go about creating a basic walk cycle. I won’t go into too much detail here, but will just show my approach to it. The following technique can be applied to many different walk cycles.

Another Walk Cycle tutorial. This has some nice information on weight shift and successive breaking of joints. Do keep in mind it is for a female walk cycle.

Simple Counter-Rotation

If you’re having trouble rotating an object attached to another, and need a stable base to work from. Here is a simple way of getting that counter rotation started.

How to draw twising forms

Demonstration taken from the book “Simplified Drawing for Animators”.

How to draw women

Here you are lads. The difinitive guide (not really) to drawing women.

Foot Pronation Guide

Pronation (rolling in) and supination (rolling out) refer to the foots natural rolling movement while running or walking. It is a motion often described as the actions and reactions your foot performs to support, cushion and balance your body.

The Gait Guys

From casual observation to a computer driven model, before you can know what may be wrong with a gait, you need to know what is right. Knowing what is happening at each phase of the gait cycle is essential. This series will explore just that and provide you with an overview of what should be happening.

The Gait Guys have some great videos breaking down walks. They also go over a lot of issues people can have with walks, and how to spot them. Their entire blog contains good info, but this piece is a nice overview of how they go over a walk.

Nice little expectation of Todler walk

Nice little video is a simple breakdown of a todler walk (info in the comments, so be sure to click to go to youtube too).

Supination talk

Fun little video speaking about foot supination.