Week one!


Proko on Balance.

A good video on balance, and when to not be in balance.

Proko (again) on drawing the torso.

The torso of course is especially important in animation. We need to be able to understand what is bending where. Especially in our thumbnails as it is the difference between something that works or falls flat. A walk is not going to work without the torso twist. Someone reaching for a jar on the top shelf is going to twist their body. Evey movement has some sort of twist.

The Extra Push for your poses.

During my research for the big posing series I found the following pictures that illustrate perfectly how close a good pose is to a great pose. It’s amazing how much more energetic and powerful they are when you actually manage to find that little extra tweak that conveys dynamic, experience and attitude.

Animator Island.

Here is a nice example of timid vs professional posing. How subtle things can make all the difference. Though keep in mind, these poses are portraying a confident character. An unconfident one may very well have meek posing.

Animation Mentor GUI picker

Now is a good time to learn the GUI picker. You’ll need an AM account to access this of course.