HOLY CRAP Week Eight


Walks can be scary, but don’t do a 360 and moonwalk away just yet. Walks are complicated, but thankfully as they are such a common occurance there is a LOT of information out there (also you’ll get plenty of practice in your career).

Francis Jasmine,

has made one of the most straight forward walk cycle references I’ve seen. So it would be silly to not put it here front and center!

Even though we’ve seen thousands of human walks in our life (and hundreds of movies), that doesn’t mean we know how balance in walks works, or how the camera shot works. It’s like doing an animal walk. We really need to study movement through reference, tutorials and our own body to understand it.

Engineers discover it’s all in the hips.

Of course we’ve known it all along. But better late than never. :p

In anycase. Pay attention to your hips, both when you walk yourself and when you view reference. They will greatly determine the style and mood of your walk.

Don’t you have to do a strength pose this week?

You want to know what strength looks like? DO YA?