Week Six

Just kidding. Tailor is a great way to combine what you’ve learned so far and to start animating something with character!

Tailor is tricky in its simplicity. Best advice I can give is to keep things simple. Remember the bouncing ball assignment and how a ball moves once in the air. Tailor is no different. The tail motion can generally be pushed a lot further than you think and still look right (often it looks better when pushed slightly too far).

Take a look on youtube at other peoples assignments for inspiration, or you can see mine below.

Here is a playlist of references on Youtube.

But keep in mind that while most tailor assignments look like a squirrel. You can have it act like whatever you like. It’s just a ball after all.

Finally a quick reminder. This is all reference conveniently on the internet, and you could stop here. But take a moment to observe and perhaps even film life too. Doing so will not only improve your work, but also make your work unique.

Do you like cheating?

You know… you should be keyframing everything so you learn how to do it manually. But if you happen to drive an Auto, you can watch this video showing an easy way to get your offset and drag started.