Week Ten

Wow week ten! You’ve done well to get this far. True, it’s the tip of the iceberg. But you’ve reached the waters edge. One last project before you can turn and look at the mountain you’ve just decended and take the dive into the sea.

Here we have a goober.

I’ve made a short video walking back and forward in striped tight pants for reference and/or ideas. Who needs dignity anyway! You’re free to use it directly if you like. Next I’ll show you a simple way to break down single frames using quicktime (on a mac).

Taking still frames with Quicktime.

When working with reference it can be easy to pull out certain poses. Extremes / contact positions etc. Quicktime makes this easy by displaying the frame number (which you can use to name your file with) and allowing quick frame captures.

One thing to note: If your video is having trouble scrubbing. You can select all (Ctrl+A or Cmd+A) and use quicktime to export the video as a normal quicktime .mov file.


Ok… so I’m sure we’ve all heard of “poses” and “lines of action” and their massive importance in animation, but something that I like to include in my thinking is the idea of creating solid shapes

Flip-online has a cool post about pyramid compositions. It’s quite a good read and specifically works in well with the balance pose.

Here is some fun balance work.

Because sometimes you just can’t do this stuff yourself. Pretty cool ideas and a good reference as to what is possible with the human body.

Remember to Keep it simple. Use reference and have fun! If you’re not having fun making it, then your audience isn’t going to enjoy watching it.

Finally. You can check out my progress reel for this class (2013) if you like. To get an glimpse of what other people have done.